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GT: Kaoru Kishida by brewcha GT: Kaoru Kishida by brewcha
Character Application for GoTaisho
I'm so sorry her history is looonnnggggg. take a drink everytime you come across the word 'labyrinth'. I'll condense her history...the best as I can...eventually. :iconthegloryofplz:

Name: Kaoru Kishida (Kishida, Kaoru 岸田 芳)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Weight: 66kg
Nationality: Japanese
Year: Senior

Alias: Endless Walker
- The 'tattoo' that goes along her back and over her waist is the Hampton Court maze/labyrinth (my personal favourite). The others are just random vaguely-like-labyrinth/maze shapes.
- The horns and tail is a reference to the mythical creature Minotaur, a half-human half-bull that was locked in the Labyrinth (in Greek mythology).

Element: Fire
Weapon: Meiro & Maze [duel chakrams - lightweight and easy to maneuver, good for both close combat and long-distance fighting (e.g. thrown like a boomerang). Them being so light gives her an advantage of some speed.]
Level: 1
Stats: STR: 9 | SPD: 12 | VIT: 13 | DEF: 11 | INTEL: 5 | LCK: 10

1) Close Circles (Regular) - Endless closes in and does a typical slice-and-slash with Meiro & Maze, making use of the two sharp edges on the respective chakrams. For an image, Endless likes to scuff her feet on the ground (like a bull) before charging in.

2) Ariadne's Clue (Special) - A healing type skill, basically healing up 30% of her VIT. Usually, just for an image, Endless would back off to give herself space and time to use said skill. In return with using this skill, it drops her SPD by another 30%. Can only be used once in battle!

Personality: A tall and gangly girl with quite the eccentric behaviour. A generally messy person but with great artistic talent. Observant, and notices little details that people generally don’t notice. Quite random, sometimes popping up out of nowhere saying something irrelevant yet somehow vaguely relevant. Likes to eat, and name things after food. Likes to randomly spook people, sometimes unintentionally. Prone to clumsiness, not always very reliable by herself.

Sometimes can be quite gullible - in regards to things such as ghosts and supernatural things and superstitions - and her attention span can be quite short, as she tends to be active (either physically or mentally). A source of endless exasperation; Kaoru (tries to) works hard, but is generally lazy with things like Maths. Slow and slightly dense about most things - unless it’s about art. She knows surprisingly lots of things about art. While she acts with little passion (or just lazy-like) towards things (as given), she has a strong passionate flare for all things artistic (and food). If driven by inspiration towards a decision, she will work hard and determinedly towards her goal.

Which means she's also a bit on the impulsive side, making decisions and working based on some sudden spurt of passion or inspiration, rather than thinking clearly, which makes her fairly spontaneous as well (which may or may not be a good thing). She's easily influenced by her emotions, and lacks certain street-smarts. Usually not afraid to speak her mind, though they're usually the oddest of things. Tends to make excuses not to work (usually with things she doesn't like/not good at) when her stomach is empty. Can be unnecessarily dramatic at times. In terms of energy, she is the type to have the highest of the high and the lowest of the lows - if she's inspired, she will work with pure motivation; if she's tired/bored, she can't be bothered.

Kaoru has odd/bad habits like: Drawing on her arm/hand with a marker, chewing on the tip of her paintbrushes, sitting with her knees up to her chin on a chair, wiping her dirty/wet hands/brushes on her clothes, walking around with opened cans of paint, fiddling with her glasses, rubbing her dirty hands on her clothes or on her face without realizing.

✓ Food (would eat pretty much anything; donuts and other pastries are a favourite)
✓ Animals (especially cats and ESPECIALLY big dogs)
✓ ART ART ART (even literature and theater counts)
✓ Over sized clothes
✓ Ghosts, supernatural things, superstitions (and being freaked out: she ends up laughing her ass off)
✓ Anything that can spark her “artistic inspiration” (which literally can be anything)
✓ Colours (she has a mania for mixing and matching colours)
✓ Spiders (don't ask)

✗ Working on an empty stomach
✗ Non-fiction
✗ Realizing something she has been convinced of was actually false/fake (even trivial things: she'll sulk)
✗ Often having to do something she isn't used to doing on her own (it took her quite a while to adjust going grocery shopping on her own)
✗ Chihuahuas
✗ Dolls (as in the rosy-cheeked, wide-eyed type)
✗ Being restricted from her 'art'

History: Kaoru's parents passed away when she was 8 in a airplane crash. Since then, she had been living with her grandparents in a small, rural and obscure fishing town where the nearest train station is at the very least an hour's bus ride away. It's a small town where it's not unusual to run in the same person at more than once in a day, and everyone pretty much knew each other more or less.

The town there only had a kindergarten, elementary and junior high school. The high school there had been demolished several years back due to the lack of funds, and any kid who wishes to continue their secondary (and then move on to tertiary) education often moved out of town or simply commuted that usually took 2 hours, depending on their choice of school.

Life wasn't bad though, it was pretty happy. Both of Kaoru's parents had been well-to-do artists, and whatever genes they had for their artistic skill passed on to Kaoru, who didn't fail to carry it on. Her grandfather was a big reader and incredibly philosophical, so Kaoru never lacked in any good reads if she ever needed them. Her grandparents doted on Kaoru, who was allowed to stretch beyond the boundaries of creation whenever she drew/painted/explored/etc. She became a curious dreamer with big hopes and big thoughts.

Eventually, Kaoru reached that stage of needing to go up to high school. Her grandparents got into contact with a close friend of Kaoru's parents, who lived in Sugigawa and agreed to help Kaoru in moving to Sugigawa (and subsequently live with said friend).

Kaoru's graduation from junior high and preparation for the move was overshadowed by her grandfather's sudden illness and, eventually, death. The days before his death had been slow and agonizing for Kaoru, whose hopes and dreams were all mostly inspired by him (among other various geniuses and artists that she learned of as a child). The last thing he said to Kaoru was to encourage her to move out into the bigger world. His last words to her was: "Don't get caught in the labyrinth."

--- present day ---

Perhaps driven by her grandfather's words, Kaoru got herself a widespread canvas some weeks after establishing her life in Sugigawa and began a painting of what was literally a labyrinth from a perspective (so it's not particularly a bird's eye view, but you could still see the tops and the shapes). It was an on-and-off project, one that is still in progress to this day. Kaoru was never surprised to hear her grandfather speak out fairly "deep" sayings, some quoted, some of his own creation, but it had left a heavy impression on her and she wanted to figure it out.

Kaoru was a big dreamer, and a big future for her if she set her cards right, and that was definitely what her parents would've wanted for her, and what her grandparents wanted for her. She was aware of that, and knew that having left her hometown after graduating junior high was one of those steps - nobody really left that town if they hadn't already at that high school/university stage. She could go out into the world, she could make a future for herself.

Yet day after day she looked back on her grandfather, and maybe her parents, and then her grandfather's words, and then the on-and-off painting of the labyrinth. She would walk through the busy streets of the Naharishio and look up at the high buildings and the tide of people around her on the intersection. She thought of this metaphorical 'labyrinth', and just didn't seem to quite grasp the idea of it. What was the so-called 'labyrinth'? It's a mystery.

She kept looking at the past, thinking that by doing so she could grasp her grandfather's meaning. It wasn't like Kaoru was unhappy or anything like that - her energetic and passionate nature was always genuine and stupidly sincere - but perhaps the problem was that she just didn't get it. Outwardly, she reveled in this mystery of the 'labyrinth' as confusing as it was (like how Kaoru was with ghosts, the idiot), but inwardly, she was in a gray area. The 'labyrinth' kept growing and growing as she continued to glance over her shoulder at the past - the pain of her grandfather's death, the emptiness of being away from home, so on and so on - and walked under the buildings of the city in the crowd of similarly gray people. She didn't realize how deep rooted she was, trapped in the very 'labyrinth' her grandfather had talked about, something she inflicted on herself.

- When asked why she takes so long to finish the labyrinth panting, she says, "Sometimes I end up just staring at it. It makes me think."
- The good friend of her parents works in an ad agency and lives in a fairly nice condo, though Kaoru tends to leave a lot of mess around with her continuous "artistic routes". Painting the wall, for instance, has been a constant ongoing project (but only because Kaoru gets really conflicted with the colours).
- There's a light brown tabby cat with green eyes that lives near the condo building which Kaoru regularly feeds and sees. Eventually Kaoru named her 'Yakisoba'.
- She doesn't know the definition of personal space, really. Because of her unusually tall height compared to most people, she has a tendency to lean on or put her arm/s around other people.
- Voice: Romi Paku (may be subject to change cause wow I don't know many seiyuus)
- She has gray eyes.
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